Different Types Of Infidelity In Relationships

There are different types of cheating one can commit in a relationship. Having an affair with someone is just one of them. Most people believe that having sexual affairs with another man or woman is the only type of infidelity that can ruin relationships. But there are other lesser known types of cheating that seem to go unnoticed but can still do some damage to any relationship.

Sexual Affairs

This is the more common and the traditional form of cheating in relationships. Many people also perceive it to be the most serious. A physical affair causes one to look for other people to have sex with other than a spouse. Once discovered, it usually leads to a break up in a marriage or relationship.

Object Affairs

Some people can also cheat on a partner through object affairs. This is a type of affair where a a person gives more emotional attention to a particular object rather than a spouse or partner. The object of desire can be to a car, video game or even work. An intense object affair can lead as far as a person totally neglecting a spouse. The object of desire takes more and more of the person’s time and attention. The increasing neglect and renewed focus on another object can cause harm in the relationship of the person does not realize what this can do to a partner. Another problem is that most people do not consider it as cheating, even though the effects and consequences are almost similar.

Emotional Affairs

This is another form of cheating that some people do not consider as one. It comes as a result of technology that has made the world more connected. Emotional affairs arise when people strike up a friendship with other people online. They usually meet up in chat rooms or by sending messages through text. This connection helps keep two people get acquainted and yet put some physical distance on one another. Many people do not consider an emotional affair as cheating because there is no physical contact.

The problem with emotional affairs is that people can still put an emotional investment in such relationships. They initial attraction can develop further as two people get more acquainted with each other. Soon, it begins to take over a person’s actual relationship with a spouse or partner. As the feelings get deeper, there is the danger of an emotional affair developing into a physical affair.
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