What Did You Learn from Your Past Break-Ups

1. Trust your instincts. If you have a feeling that he is cheating, then he is.

2. Don’t compromise your values. Instead of working with what you have, find someone else who’s values you respect and accept.

3. If he lies about the smallest things, he will lie about anything. Constant little “white lies” are a sign that he may have a problem with honesty and you should not trust him.

4. If he treated his past girlfriends poorly, you won’t be any different. Like the movie “He is not that into you” said, you will be the rule not the exception.

5. Look at how his friends treat their girlfriends and/or other women. If his closest friend is running around then he won’t have anyone to tell him that his behavior is wrong.

6. Look at the number of relationships he’s had in the past few years. If he’s been with too many people in the past few years, it shows that he cannot commit (I’m not even talking about marriage here).

These apply to women as well (I just used the pronoun “he” because my ex was a man).

I found this article on Shine and loved it. I am a big believer that everyone needs to take the time and process past relationships and analyze where it went wrong. In my past I have had to realize how important it is to listen to myself. I also had to note that if you are only staying with the guy because you don’t want to hurt someone then look forward to getting hurt yourself. Trust me, if you are already having doubts, then the relationship will not work out no matter what. My big rule is to listen to that gut feeling! It will always lead you down the right path to love!

Dating Coach, Dawn Donohoo
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