5 Ways to Make That Cheater Pay

Breakup and Tell
Once youve found out your boyfriends been cheating, theres no reason to preserve his good reputation. Tell your friends, tell his friends, tell your cousins dog-walker that your ex is a big ole cheater and we guarantee hell have to do some serious soul-searching before he can move on. Word of mouth is a great way to accomplish this goal, but email or Facebook may help you get the job done faster. Just sayin.

Surprise HimEveryone knows someone whos been in this situation: you find out that your mans been cheating on you with before he knows that you know. Are you following? Good. The next step is to contact the other woman chances are, she didnt know about you, either. Make a plan to confront your shared cheater together invite him out for a hot date, but keep the location secret. Call his best pals and tell them youre planning a surprise for your guy at his favorite bar. When you show up, his other lover will be there as well lay your cards on the table, then let your guy watch while you both walk out of his life.

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I thought these were some pretty clever ways of dealing with a cheater. I have to admit, that I would love to contact my ex’s new wife and let her know that he is a pathological lair and cheater. The only thing that stops me is the hope that the man has changed. I would have to also admit that I don’t believe that people change all too much and that I seriously doubt he has either. The ultimate decision was to leave him alone. Why would I want to even get involved in that mess again? I am just happy I saw his colors soon enough to get out. There is no such thing as a happy relationship without trust.

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